10 States With Ridiculously Low Unemployment

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Every U.S. state experienced job losses during the recent downturn, but thanks to the right mix of industries, natural resources, and skilled workers, some states have a far lower unemployment rate than the 9.5% national average.

Want to crack the jobs problem? Let’s start by studying these sources of American strength…

Iowa — Outperforming with a diverse economy plus agriculture
(Unemployment Rate: 6.8%)

Minnesota — A state with manufacturing, raw materials, and high education
(Unemployment Rate: 6.8%)

Wyoming — Riding commodities, tourism, and perhaps its tax policies. Doing well despite low levels of education. (Unemployment Rate: 6.7%)

Kansas — Powered by agriculture, energy, and aerospace
(Unemployment Rate: 6.5%)

Hawaii — A tourism magnet with a large population of affluent Americans
(Unemployment Rate: 6.3%)

Vermont — Driven by agriculture and industries utilizing the state’s highly educated population
(Unemployment Rate: 6.0%)

New Hampshire — Powered by agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, and a highly educated population
(Unemployment Rate: 5.8%)

Nebraska — An agricultural and transport hub, with some diversity as well
(Unemployment Rate: 4.7%)

South Dakota — Gets a big boost from government, but also has services and agriculture
(Unemployment Rate: 4.4%)

North Dakota — Powered by agriculture and commodities
(Unemployment Rate: 3.6%)

source: businessinsider

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