10 Ways to Make Sure You Are Never Unemployed

1.  Continue Learning Take advantage of opportunities for training both within your company and outside.

2.  Keep Current with Technology Look at job postings in your field to see what technology skills are currently being sought after and stay abreast of these areas.

3.  Dress for Success.  Always dress for the next job above yours but keep it conservative and don’t try to outdo your boss.

4.  Be Diversity Friendly Show that you are comfortable in working with people from all backgrounds and that our differences are what makes us unique and strong.

5.  Have a Mentor Stay close and solicit operational feedback from one or more key people in the organization who can give guidance to your career.

6.  Welcome Feedback.  Do not fear feedback but rather embrace it as a way to look objectively at your performance and strategize ways for improvement.

7.  Find Your Path Look around you to see what areas in the company provide a conduit for growth and steer clear of the ones that seem to be deadends.

8.  Stay Flexible Take on additional responsibilities and make yourself valuable to different departments by expanding your role wherever possible.

9.  Offer to help Take opportunities to help your boss with special projects even if it doesn’t mean immediate financial reward.  It will pay off in the long run with patience.

10. Join Professional Groups Look for opportunities to connect with others in your field through professional organizations or local and online community groups. This provides a great way to meet others in your field and establish future networking bonds.

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