2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Pricing

Toyota may have found the answer for the ideal commuter car with the upcoming 2012 Prius Plug-in. The car will be available in 15 markets by Spring 2012 and will have an electric only range of up to 13 miles.   This will be enough for the average commuter to at least get to work without burning any dinosaurs.  Some businesses will even allow employees with these types of cars to charge them while at work.  The Prius Plug-in can be charged on a standard 110 volt outlet in as little as 3 hours.  Once the energy for the charge is depleted, the car returns back to regular hybrid mode with mileage expectations of a standard Prius which is a class leading 50 mpg.  Even with the larger battery, the plug-in version will also have the same roomy interior with seating for 5 as does the current non plug-in model.

The energy required to fully charge the Plug-in Prius is just one kilowatt according to Toyota’s website. Just checking my local utility rates, their highest tier charge is .08 cents per kilowatt.  So, the Prius Plug-in could run 13 miles for a cost of just .08 cents. If charged everyday, over a month’s time, it could go almost 400 miles for a miserly $2.40 which wouldn’t even buy a gallon of gas today. While we’re on the subject of gas, the Prius Plug-in does not require premium fuel as do some other plug-in vehicles such as the 4-seater Chevy Volt.  So to all the naysayers out there, the 2012 Toyota Prius Plug-in is a car that could significantly lower the cost of your daily commute.

Pricing has not yet been set for the 2012 Toyota Plug-in Prius but Toyota’s head of Product Development Takeshi Uchiyamada, has indicated that Toyota’s goal is to price the car very closely to the standard hybrid Prius so that customer’s will be more willing to take the leap in purchasing it.  In addition to the competitive price, there will likely be Federal and State incentives in the form of tax rebates which could make this the ultimate green get to work machine.

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