3 Tips for Landing a Job in Bad Times


According to Professional Career Coach Jay Block, there are 3 main steps for landing the job of your choosing both during good time and bad.


It’s up to me to make it happen.

There is no room for excuses or feeling bad for yourself.  Rather, channel that energy into your job search by taking the time to make it a priority.  Use small success as encouragement to keep going and turn the negatives into a positive and you will be much more productive in your search for a new job.


Stay Disciplined.

The key to being disciplined is to realize that a job search requires a careful and consistent approach in order to yield the results that you desire.  A good job is not going to just land on your doorstep (unless your father-in-law owns the company).  You are going to need to keep your energy and enthusiasm up in order to maintain the momentum needed in your search.  This is a mental game and a numbers game.  The more you focus, the more ground your search will cover and ultimately your efforts will be rewarded.


Pay attention to the environment around you.

Make careful choices about whom you choose to include in your circle of influence.  It is important to surround yourself with a positive network of people who share your desire to become gainfully employed.  People who are either in the same situation or who have experienced unemployment in the past, will be best able to provide you with the encouragement you need in your search.  Network with those around you that are in a position to influence hiring at their own companies.  If they seem uninterested in helping, then remove them from your circle and look for someone else to replace them.  Keep positive people and good friends in the circle.  This will assist you in staying positive and avoiding the temptation for negative thoughts that will discourage you.

source: healthcareers

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