Great Apps For Staying Organized

If you’re always on the go for work, you probably rely on your smart phone or tablet to stay organized, keep in touch and check items off your to-do list. With that in mind, here are several apps for getting things done.
Taking notes
We all have things we need to accomplish during the day, which is why some people use a notepad app like Notes on the iPhone, or Evernote, which is platform-independent. Evernote allows you to make lists, compile pictures or record reminders. Data can be synced with other devices and accessed online. The app is free, but there is a monthly subscription for premium features. Learn more at
Calendars and planners are invaluable tools for busy lives, and there are myriad calendar apps available that offer a wide variety of features and functions. Some free services like Google Calendar can be synced with your other calendar apps, allowing you to set appointments and reminders and easily update information across devices and online accounts.
OpenTable is a premier online source for browsing restaurant listings and making reservations, and now you use these same great features on the fly with their free app OpenTable. It’s available for Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, Kindle and Windows Phone. If you’d rather carry out than dine in, the Snapfinger app lets you place orders at local restaurants for delivery or pickup. Visit for more info.
Managing money can be done in a variety of ways on a smart phone or tablet. There are apps for individual banks or online money services such as PayPal. There is also an app like Mint, which allows you to budget, track expenses and see all of your bank accounts in one interface. This app can be used as a companion to the website, which offers even more banking and investing services.
The business world produces a lot of files, such as memos, reports, spreadsheets and presentations. For the iPhone, you can use programs like Pages, Numbers and Keynote. There are also other office-type apps such as DocsToGo, which allows you to view, edit and share documents across platforms and devices. For professionals, this is a great way to engage information on the go.
Need to get your thoughts down in writing but sick of typing on a small screen? Consider Dragon Dictation, a free app that lets you convert your dictation into text. The text can then be copied, emailed, posted to Facebook or Tweeted. This is a very helpful app for those who like to multitask or don’t enjoy typing.
Smart phones and tablets have revolutionized the way people communicate and work thanks to the productivity apps on the market. Many apps are either free or come with a small fee, which makes them inexpensive to try out and find the one that works best for you.

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