Making Your Resume “Findable”

One of the many missed opportunities when writing a resume is leaving out the key words that help it to get found.  Many people don’t realize that their resume goes into an electronic database where it competes with thousands of other resumes for visibility.  By looking carefully at the job description, you can choose key words and insert them into your resume so that the HR search bots will “pull” your resume for review by a human.

Remember to include key words that are relevant to your experience.  Don’t fall victim to the temptation to just pull and place words so that you will be found.  Keep in mind, that you will be asked to back up your job experience in an interview and you don’t want the hiring manager’s BS meter to go off.

This approach will take more time at first, but if you are looking for work in a specific area, chances are your updated resume will have the right “key” words for many job postings.

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