By Mark Kleis According to recently revealed documents as a result of General Motors’ IPO filing with the SEC, it has been confirmed that Stephen Girsky was compensated $1.4 million for consulting work aimed at saving the Saturn brand. Prior to joining GM as a member of the adviser board, analyst Stephen Girsky was approached by the […]

HP CEO, Mark Hurd, Resigns

HP CEO Mark Hurd has resigned, leaving CFO Cathie Lesjak to run the company on an “interim basis.” The reason for quitting? He was told to leave by legal counsel due to an investiagtion of sexual harassment against him by an outside contractor. According to the press release, “the investigation determined there was no violation […]

Compensation Tips: Everything is Negotiable

By Linda Jenkins, It’s all negotiable. Every new job — every performance review, in fact — is an opportunity to negotiate base salary, various kinds of bonuses, benefits, stock options, and other incentives that add to job satisfaction and provide financial security. Taking control of your job search and conducting a smart search that […]

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