How to Keep a Job Search Discreet

By Amy Gallo Looking for a job while you already have one can be stressful, especially in the age of social media when privacy is scarce. You don’t want to rock the boat at your current company but you want to find the next great opportunity. Should you tell your boss you’re looking? How do […]

10 Ways to Make Sure You Are Never Unemployed

1.  Continue Learning Take advantage of opportunities for training both within your company and outside. 2.  Keep Current with Technology Look at job postings in your field to see what technology skills are currently being sought after and stay abreast of these areas. 3.  Dress for Success.  Always dress for the next job above yours […]

Top Reasons People Hate Their Jobs

1. It’s Boring Repetition and a lack of variety can lead to feelings of dissatisfaction when your job becomes robotic and no longer challenging. 2. You have a bad boss Having a bad boss can turn a great job into a terrible one.  No one likes to be belittled and micromanaged on a constant basis; […]

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