Does Your Salary History Really Matter to a Future Employer?

Posted by Kristina Cowan Your salary history tells an important story of how far you’ve come along a career path, so it’s fitting that a prospective employer might be interested in learning more about your past earnings. Yet it’s unfair to take a salary history at face value, because there are so often back-stories that need […]

Careers with low stress and six currently hot career prospects

Clare Kaufman of has identified 5 great career options for people considering a career change.  Here are her picks: 1. Technology: software engineers and network analysts 2. Finance: financial examiners and personal financial advisors 3. Health care: biomedical engineers 4. Environmental science: environmental engineers 5. Business administration: marketing survey researchers These suggestions are based […]

How a Mid-Life Career Change Can Fill the Void

Over 40? Work life empty? You are not alone. After 20 or more years of working, we seldom acknowledge that our work life is no longer meeting our needs for meaning and fulfillment. After all, who even has the time for this self-reflection? Between worrying about growing older, staying in shape, keeping the relationship alive, […]

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