SAT Scores and Getting Into the Right College

It’s no secret that the key to getting a good job in life lies with having a college degree.  Nowadays, with record high college enrollment, it becomes necessary to further differentiate oneself by entering colleges that have nationally acclaimed reputations for academic excellence.  SAT scores become an important factor in being accepted to a college […]

Does Your Salary History Really Matter to a Future Employer?

Posted by Kristina Cowan Your salary history tells an important story of how far you’ve come along a career path, so it’s fitting that a prospective employer might be interested in learning more about your past earnings. Yet it’s unfair to take a salary history at face value, because there are so often back-stories that need […]

10 Ways to Make Sure You Are Never Unemployed

1.  Continue Learning Take advantage of opportunities for training both within your company and outside. 2.  Keep Current with Technology Look at job postings in your field to see what technology skills are currently being sought after and stay abreast of these areas. 3.  Dress for Success.  Always dress for the next job above yours […]

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