SAT Scores and Getting Into the Right College

It’s no secret that the key to getting a good job in life lies with having a college degree.  Nowadays, with record high college enrollment, it becomes necessary to further differentiate oneself by entering colleges that have nationally acclaimed reputations for academic excellence.  SAT scores become an important factor in being accepted to a college […]

12 Indirect Job Interview Questions and What They Really Reveal

The interview is a classic point of stress for most job seekers, and with good cause. Many firms like asking indirect questions that make it hard to judge what information they’re really fishing looking for. Of course, interviewers don’t want anyone to know the motivation behind their method of questioning, or else potential job candidates […]

A Tip For Keeping Your Job

Most of the publicity about the dismal job market has focused on big corporations. But an even greater effect has been felt by small businesses. The local diner, the neighborhood “Joe the Plumber” and the hometown newspaper have also drastically reduced employees. Whether you are a financial analyst at a big bank or a waiter […]

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