9 Cover Letter Secrets That Can Get You Hired!

By Skip Freeman If you have been in the job hunt any time at all you already know that, if you go through “normal” channels today during your job hunt, e.g., online postings, applications sent directly to Human Resources, etc., chances are, your application will end up in some “black hole” and your efforts will largely be […]

2010 HIRE Act

There are 2 main incentives of the HIRE Act to encourage businesses to hire from the ranks of the unemployed. Companies are exempt from paying their 6.2% portion of withholding taxes in 2010 for new employees hired between February 2010 and January 2011. Employers will be paid a tax credit of up to $1,000 for […]

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12 Indirect Job Interview Questions and What They Really Reveal

The interview is a classic point of stress for most job seekers, and with good cause. Many firms like asking indirect questions that make it hard to judge what information they’re really fishing looking for. Of course, interviewers don’t want anyone to know the motivation behind their method of questioning, or else potential job candidates […]

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