9 Cover Letter Secrets That Can Get You Hired!

By Skip Freeman If you have been in the job hunt any time at all you already know that, if you go through “normal” channels today during your job hunt, e.g., online postings, applications sent directly to Human Resources, etc., chances are, your application will end up in some “black hole” and your efforts will largely be […]

Good News for Bad References – How to Fight Back

Picture this scenario: you’ve been seeking new employment at a hospital or private practice, but without success. Your employment credentials are excellent and while you’ve been able to land the interviews – sometimes more than one with a prospective employer – that job for which you’re well qualified, continues to elude you. Even more ominous, […]

Job Hunting in Today’s Erratic Economy by expert Robert Bertino

It is no surprise many people are experiencing difficult times in this economy. If you are in the current job pool seeking employment you probably have noticed that it is an employer’s market. What do I mean? Well, with unemployment rising the number of job seekers out there are increasing. There are job openings, but […]

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