Timing Your Job Search

So, you’ve developed a great resume, you’re finding and applying for “good fit” positions online, and you are networking. You’ve connected with some recruiters that specialize in your area of expertise. Your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete. So, why are you not receiving multiple responses? What is going on? The last time you looked for […]

What to expect after an interview

1) Do not expect to be hired on the spot Candidates must realise that interviewers usually are not there to hire anybody immediately. They are only trying to make a screening decision to determine whether the company should talk with you further. By the end of the interview, most companies will try to spell out […]

12 Indirect Job Interview Questions and What They Really Reveal

The interview is a classic point of stress for most job seekers, and with good cause. Many firms like asking indirect questions that make it hard to judge what information they’re really fishing looking for. Of course, interviewers don’t want anyone to know the motivation behind their method of questioning, or else potential job candidates […]

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