Using Social Media As A Career Tool

As the use of social media grows, recruiters are increasingly turning to these sites to screen potential hires. It is important to have a social website presence, but it’s important to have the right one. Here are just a few tips to make sure you’re sending the right professional messages: Establish a separate professional account […]

Gas Prices Over The Last 30 Years

I thought it would be interesting to list the average gas prices by year going back thirty or so years.  It seems now that we are inching toward $4.00 per gallon, it is a subject that is on everyone’s mind.  All of us use gas either in getting to work or as part of our […]

A Tale of Two CEO’s

This year Lola Gonzalez, CEO of Accurate Background Check of Ocala Florida had a difficult decision to make.  After crunching the numbers for her business, she determined that she would need to layoff one of her 8 person staff.  In a company employee meeting, she dropped the bombshell news that someone would have to be […]

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