Using LinkedIn For Your Job Search

Using social media tools has become a very common and effective way to assist in your search for a new job.  The most common of these tools are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  In this article, we will focus on the use of LinkedIn for connecting you with potential recruiters and hiring decision makers. Recent statistics […]

How a Mid-Life Career Change Can Fill the Void

Over 40? Work life empty? You are not alone. After 20 or more years of working, we seldom acknowledge that our work life is no longer meeting our needs for meaning and fulfillment. After all, who even has the time for this self-reflection? Between worrying about growing older, staying in shape, keeping the relationship alive, […]

10 things you can do to get a promotion

By Kris Littlejohn Very few people hire on with any company or organization with the intention of remaining indefinitely at the position for which they were hired. Just because you started as the grunt who had to fix the copy machines doesn’t mean you don’t someday want to be CIO. At most companies, this could […]

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