$75,000 Is the “Perfect Salary for Happiness”

A recent study reported by the Wall Street Journal looking at the relationship between salary and happiness has concluded that  75,000 dollars a year is the point at which people remain most happy. Above this number there is no measurable increase in one’s personal satisfaction. It doesn’t mean that you will be less happy if […]

Financial Planning Career – Planning Someone Else’s Retirement By Jeff Melvin

Show me the money with a financial planning career! If you’re considering a career in financial planning then you better enjoy working with numbers and people, more specifically, people and their money. Arm yourself with information found in this article to assist you in making an informed decision. What is a Financial Planner? A financial […]

Finding a Top Company to Work For by Dave Caruso

Do you find yourself working in a mind numbing and soul stealing job? If so, join the millions of other Americans who freely admit they are not working at the company or job of their dreams. Well then, what happened? Life happens sometimes and it becomes necessary to accept a position due to the ordinary […]

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