Auto Workers Perspective On The Bailout

This is an interesting clip showing the viewpoint of a couple US Auto Workers whose jobs were saved by the federal loans from the US and Canada.  Mitt Romney whose recent visit to his birth state of Michigan made a point to bash the Obama Administration for the bailout loans which ironically were originally conceived […]

Andrew Biggs on States Underfunded Pension Funds

Andrew Biggs (a former Social Security analyst and Assistant Director of the Cato Institute’s Project on Social Security Choice) offers his perspective on the serious problem of States with underfunded pension funds.  The problem is one of solvency in which liabilities exceed the states assets.  He has proposed that states change the way they report […]

What to Expect in a Panel Interview

The panel interview can be intimidating! Know what to expect and prepare to handle the interview in a professional and winning way. About the Panel Interview These type of job interviews are often considered a more time-efficient process for the employer. A number of those involved in the decision-making process from different parts of the […]

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