SAT Scores and Getting Into the Right College

It’s no secret that the key to getting a good job in life lies with having a college degree.  Nowadays, with record high college enrollment, it becomes necessary to further differentiate oneself by entering colleges that have nationally acclaimed reputations for academic excellence.  SAT scores become an important factor in being accepted to a college […]

Making Your Resume “Findable”

One of the many missed opportunities when writing a resume is leaving out the key words that help it to get found.  Many people don’t realize that their resume goes into an electronic database where it competes with thousands of other resumes for visibility.  By looking carefully at the job description, you can choose key […]

Good News for Bad References – How to Fight Back

Picture this scenario: you’ve been seeking new employment at a hospital or private practice, but without success. Your employment credentials are excellent and while you’ve been able to land the interviews – sometimes more than one with a prospective employer – that job for which you’re well qualified, continues to elude you. Even more ominous, […]

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