Ford To Issue Profit Sharing Bonuses

Ford has just finished one of their most profitable years ever and wants to reward employees for this incredible accomplishment.  UAW workers can expect to receive profit sharing bonuses this year that will likely be the largest in the last decade.  White collar workers on the other hand are not going to receive salary increases […]

Worker Cooperatives Share The Wealth

The idea of sharing the profits of a company equally among its workers may seem like a radical idea in a country based on the capitalist inverted triangle of profit distribution.  Conversely, all of the employees in a cooperative business have equal value and tend to be happier and more productive since they are all […]

Google Giving Employees 10% Raises and $1,000 Bonus

Google is bucking the trend of most companies trying to suppress salaries, by giving all of their 23,000 plus worldwide employees a 10 percent across the board pay raise as well as a $1,000 cash bonus. This is being done in an effort to reward employees for the company’s success as well as stabilize retention […]

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