2012 Toyota Prius Plug-In Pricing

Toyota may have found the answer for the ideal commuter car with the upcoming 2012 Prius Plug-in. The car will be available in 15 markets by Spring 2012 and will have an electric only range of up to 13 miles.   This will be enough for the average commuter to at least get to work […]

When is it time to go? Five make-or-break factors

If you’re sitting in your office bored, ticked off or feeling down you may be thinking it’s time to go. BUT, you’re not sure. You are rationalizing staying because there is one more great thing you can contribute or you feel obligated in some way. We all go through this kind of mental tug-of-war at […]

Preparing for the Phone Interview

You and the employer have two very different goals when you begin the telephone interview and our focus is to make this work for you. The employer is often going to use this interview as a weeding process to get the many hundreds of applicants down to a manageable list that will be then invited […]

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