Where Are Gas Prices Headed?

The advantages of having a short commute to work seem pretty obvious.  Less stress driving in congested traffic, more time at home with the family and of course less money spent at the pump.  We all have better things to spend our money on than gas, right?  Gas prices are about to change dramatically and […]

Careers with low stress and six currently hot career prospects

Clare Kaufman of FindtheRightSchool.com has identified 5 great career options for people considering a career change.  Here are her picks: 1. Technology: software engineers and network analysts 2. Finance: financial examiners and personal financial advisors 3. Health care: biomedical engineers 4. Environmental science: environmental engineers 5. Business administration: marketing survey researchers These suggestions are based […]

What to Expect in a Panel Interview

The panel interview can be intimidating! Know what to expect and prepare to handle the interview in a professional and winning way. About the Panel Interview These type of job interviews are often considered a more time-efficient process for the employer. A number of those involved in the decision-making process from different parts of the […]

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