$75,000 Is the “Perfect Salary for Happiness”

A recent study reported by the Wall Street Journal looking at the relationship between salary and happiness has concluded that  75,000 dollars a year is the point at which people remain most happy. Above this number there is no measurable increase in one’s personal satisfaction. It doesn’t mean that you will be less happy if […]

Corporate employers prefer State University grads over Ivy Leaguers

A recent survey by the Wall Street Journal has pointed to a shift in the perception of the value of an Ivy League education versus other public and private universities.   Penn State was ranked first in preparing students for the workforce based on the responses from hiring specialists at almost 500 companies and institutions […]

Win Your Next Job With Three Essential Interview Skills

With competition for good jobs at an all-time high, candidates who conduct their job search as a sales campaign consistently win out over those who don’t. When job seekers practice the skills of sales experts they learn to apply the strategies of a sales presentation to their job interviews. To get to the top of […]

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